The IT Induction is an introduction to some of the main areas of IT that will come across at the University of Leeds. You can return to the Induction at any time, so feel free to visit as many of the modules as you like.

There are four modules that you can access either from the Overview page or by clicking on the tabs (purple rectangles) at the top of the screen. Click the Overview tab to return to the start point at any time.

Each module has up to 7 topics which you can move between using the Next and Back buttons. You can see your progress within the module on the bar underneath the tabs.

To keep your place in the induction whilst exploring a link, right click on the link text and select "Open link in new tab".

We’d like to keep improving the Induction so if you have any comments or suggestions, please use the appropriate feedback form for students or for staff, depending on which induction you have completed. If you have any technical problems with the Induction, please contact the IT Service Desk.